Our Board and Staff

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Shane Brown, President

Alicia Kohler, Vice President

Matt Roy, Treasurer

Michael Geiss, Secertary


Lynn Brown

Stanley Campany

Andrew Foster

Ron Griffin

Pam Kaus

David Liscomb

Kevin Miller

Audrey Oakes

Rebecca Shamey

Judy Shean

Mike Simmons

Please contact Aileen Martin or Charmaine Gaines if you are interested in becoming a NRCIL board member at 315-785-8703.

 Jefferson County

Aileen Martin
Executive Director

Phone: (315) 785-8703 ext. 217 • Email: aileenm@nrcil.net

Bill O’Neill – NY Connects Coordinator


Jennifer Spies – Receptionist
Charmaine Gaines – Administrative Assistant
Lorraine Petrie – Records Control Clerk 
Email: lorrainep@nrcil.net
Marianne Dicob – Finance Director
Paul Rondeau – Accountant
Email: paulr@nrcil.net

 Family Support Services

Kathy Connor
Family Support Services Program Director

Phone: (315) 785-8703 ext. 220 • Email: kathyc@nrcil.net

Jennifer Sibley FPSS – Fort Drum Parent Partner/ Family 
Email: jennifers@nrcil.net
Ruth Church FPSS – Respite Coordinator
Email: ruthc@nrcil.net
Shelly David FPSS – Parent Training & Information Center Coordinator
Email: richelled@nrcil.net
Christian Taylor – Parent Partner/ Family Advocate
Email: christiant@nrcil.net
Susan Gonzalez FPSS – Family Advocate/Parent Partner/Parent Educator, NYSPEP – CPE II
Email: susang@nrcil.net
 Stephanie Harris FPSS – Youth and Family Advocate
Email: stephanieh@nrcil.net

 Independent Living Program

Pat Connor
Independent Living Program Director

Phone: 315-785-8703  ext.317   Email: patc@nrcil.net

Mark Curtis – Americans With Disabilities Act Advocate
Email: markc@nrcil.net
Olando Lawson – Benefits Specialist/Independent Living Advocate
Email: olandol@nrcil.net
Matthew Bradley – Independent Living Advocate
Email: matthewb@nrcil.net 
 Amanda Smith – NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Coordinator
Email: amandas@nrcil.net
Kay Walton – NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Liaison
Email: kayw@nrcil.net
Angel Durham – Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Email: angeld@nrcil.net
Betsy Rogers – Transitions Coordinator
Chanelle W.Ballam – Statewide Systems Advocate
Vacant – Independent Living Advocate
Juan Lopez-Perez – Mental Health Advocate
Email: juanlp@nrcil.net
Brittany Phillips – Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Email: brittanyp@nrcil.net
Keith Mitchell – Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Jackie Johnson. – Independent Living Advocate
Email: jackiej@nrcil.net

Lewis County

Karen Boliver
Associate Director

Phone: 315-836-3735  ext.302   Email: karenb@nrcil.net

Lowville Office

Karen Rohr – Administrative Assistant
Kim Cavanagh – Certified Peer Advocate/Mental Health Advocate
Cathie Wooledge – Parent Community Educator/CCSI Coordinator
Scott Danforth – Peer Counselor Jail Program
Justin Jones- Community Connections Outreach Coordinator
Donna Hlad- Mental Health Advocate
Ben Fowler – Transition Facilitator/RC
Patty Ward-LaFlesh – Community Connections & Mental Health Advocate Team Leader
Albina Rennie – Receptionist
Amy Marolf – Mental Health Advocate
Susan Austin – Peer Outreach Advocate
Email: susana@nrcil.net
Bea Trainham – Mental Health Advocate
Lamanda Cook – Family Peer Advocate
Amanda Martin– Mental Health Peer Advocate/Recovery Coach
Email: amandam@nrcil.net

Lyons Falls Office

Lucrezia Johnson

Family Peer Advocate/Team Leader

Phone: 315-955-6575  ext.402   Email: lucreziaj@nrcil.net

Shannon Sullivan – Peer Advocate/Mental Health Advocate