LC Coordinated Children’s Services Initiatives (CCSI)

Lewis County Coordinated Children’s Services Initiatives (CCSI)lcfamsup

We are very excited at NRCIL to be offering CCSI in Lewis County. CCSI is a cross-systems process for planning treatment for children and families that utilizes strength based approaches, individualized planning, and encourages creativity, flexible decision making and funding strategies. The purpose of CCSI is to ensure that families are supported in staying together and that children remain at home in their community by improving the quality of decision making for children with emotional and behavioral challenges through state and local interagency partnerships.

CCSI Works With the family:

  • CCSI believe that families are the experts for their family
  • CCSI concentrates on meeting the needs that the family identifies
  • CCSI works to support families staying together
  • CCSI focuses on the strengths of the child and family, not the problems
  • CCSI ensures parents and agencies work together to meet the needs of the families and children
  • CCSI provides Family Peer Advocates that work with the families to provide immediate support and guidance and identifies strengths, needs and concerns before the wraparound meeting.

CCSI is strength-based approach of working with families, for families. Families will be connected to a Family Peer Advocate. The Family Peer Advocate will work with the family to plan a wraparound meeting. The wraparound will bring families and community service providers together to create a coordinated strength-based family plan specifically tailored to meet the needs of the family.

The mission of CCSI is to provide families and children strength based community system of care that will improve the well being of youths and families in their homes, their schools, and in their community.

To make a referral to the CCSI or find our more information please contact Karen Boliver at 315-376-8696.

CCSI Brochure – CCSI Brochure 2017