NRCIL services people of all ages with all types of disabilities. We offer a broad range of programs and services, each designed to support independent living and community integration. All of our programs are consumer directed, maximizing choice and opportunities. Click on any for a more detailed description:


Independent Living Program

Provides services for people with all disabilities in Jefferson and Lewis Counties.

Jefferson County’s Program                           Lewis County’s Program


Family Support Services

Provides formal and informal support for families whose children may be diagnosed with or suspected of having a disability.

Jefferson County’s Program                           Lewis County’s Program


Parent Training Information Center Program

Provides training and information to families of children with disabilities and to the professionals who serve them.

Both Jefferson and Lewis County


Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

New York’s elderly and disabled nursing home residents are among our most vulnerable citizens.  The LTCOP advocates for the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents.

Jefferson County’s Program                         Lewis County’s Program


Community Connections Program & Events

Community Connections is a peer based recovery center for people in Lewis County. Reconnect with your community through our fun and educational events!